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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I see into myself again. And read my heart deeply for the second time. Over and over again till I got a little bit confuse why I did the same way. It seems like I am looking for something but it still hide and my eyes couldn’t see yet at all. I don’t know how many times I did it in a latest couple weeks for seeing through this strange feeling. Hoping there is something that I can find as a reason for my searching.

And…hei…what is that?? I’m slanting my eyes then, forcing them to accommodating in a high level. Harmonizing it with my frowning brow vertical movement to figure out unidentified that odd thing. It is as if I see that part for the first time. Or it’s possible that the thing have been stayed for a long time I didn’t know. If it was true, how foolish I am. Why this odd sense does seem invisible in my eyes??

Huff…this is beyond me. It’s beyond description. It’s beyond my control.


When I saw the gray one in my heart and my mind that I couldn’t know yet what that is. And I am asking to myself then, does any people has the same feeling way too??

*I’m shrugging*

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