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Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Birthday Saying

-see the picture first and read the words then-

But I’m grateful to be myself
Because I’m surrounded by love
I love myself the way I am
Despite my life is hard, it’s hurt, it was not exactly fully happy
But the best choices are passing it and keep my step forward

I’m thankful for my nice blessing parents
Alhamdulillahi jazaakumullohu khoiro mom-dad…
For giving me a ‘private space’ to think and make my own decision
Supporting me in good times and in bad
Be with me when my life seems easy and hard

I’m thankful to all my sweet friends
Alhamdulillahi jazaakumullohu khoiro guys…thanks
For being such a good friend up till now
Being my inspiration to pursue my dreams
I’ll never forget every moment I have been through with all of you

I’m thankful that I don’t have everything I desire yet
If I did, what would there be to look forward to?

I’m thankful when I don’t know something
It gives me opportunity to learn

I’m thankful for the difficulties time
During those time I grow

I’m thankful for the limitations I currently have
It gives me chance for improving myself

I’m thankful for each new challenge I take
It will build my strength and personality

I’m thankful for every mistake that I have made
It will train me priceless lessons

I realize that the laughter and the tears have made me stronger
Brought me closer to my Lord God up there and improved the way I live
Thanks for all You have given to me, Alloh…
Alhamdullillahirobbil ‘alamin

p.s. I dedicated to my Lord, Allohu Robbi, my parents + fam, all my friends…

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