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Monday, October 05, 2009

To...Whoever You are

To: +628180724****

Who r u? Do I know u?
Thx for reminding me to get up
in the early morning for praying up.
But I can get up by myself.
Sorry I don’t mean to be arrogant.
But sometime I feel uncomfortable.
Sorry I have to tell u this.
I hope u understand.
Anyway I thx u so much, whoever u are.

-sending message-
9:22 am – Delivered


I sent that short message to the strange sender this morning. I don’t know exactly what times he or she has sent me the same message every early morning. I think since I lived in Surabaya. It means for six months ago. And I don’t know yet who that sender is. It seems weird, isn’t it?? Yeah…at least for me.

For the first I tried to not care about that. I just want to make myself comfort. Once sms, twice it’s ok for me. But the more days it was disturbing me. So I decided to send message to that strange sender. The basic purpose is making this strange sender stopped her/his sms.

As what my message to her/him, I don’t mean to be arrogant. I am glad knowing someone out there care to me, want me get up from my bed and then praying in a third of night (1/3 of night). But I can do that by myself. I can wake up with my own bell. And I am used to be like that. Am I wrong if I did it??

Sorry, I just want to be honest either for myself or for her/him. I hope her/him do not offense. I didn’t offense when he/she sent me sms without my wish. Huff…it’s hard. But, this far I thank you for what her/him have done to me. Even I don’t know who she/he is.

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