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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Based on Boswell’s Journal for 31st May, 1764 (Joseph A. Galiian: Contemporary Abstract Algebra)

Let me laugh first before I tell you this ‘pikasurieun’ joke, wkwkwkwk, ok enough, check out it then…



I went this far with him, “Sir, allow me to ask you one question. If the Church should say to you, ‘two and three make ten,’ what would you do??”


“Sir,” said he, “I should believe it, and I should count like this: one, two, three, four, ten.”


&^%$#@? I was now fully satisfied.


Hahaha…aya2 wae iihh ieu joke teh, hadduuhh dassaarr Gallian…bissaaa ajjaa, hmm lumayanlah bacaan ringan di tengah2 kegalauan (halaah kamana atuh galauu…)

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